Your unique skill-set and knowledge can help our community to thrive! By volunteering with the Hidden Valley Community Association (HVCA) you will benefit from the opportunities to connect to new friends, build relationships, increase selfconfidence and create a sense of ownership in our public spaces. It allows you to share your interests with others and learn new ones; enjoy social events with new people. You can help to build a sense of belonging not only for yourself but for your neighbours too!

The HVCA has many volunteer opportunities for those able to share their time and talents. We are looking for volunteers to commit 2-5 hours a month which would include board meetings, and any other committees/activities you wish to join. More time can be committed if your schedule permits.

Volunteer opportunities include:

HVCA Board of Directors

  • 1.5 hrs/month
    – There are many Board positions to choose from

HVCA Committees

Commitment time dependent on the committee

  • H2 Spaces Project (1-3 hrs/month + fundraising)

  • Building Safer Communities (0.5 hrs/month)

  • Community Clean-up (1-5 hrs/month, only 2 months long – prior to community clean-up

Volunteering at Community Events & Activities

  • Winter Festival

  • Egg Hunt

  • Block Party

  • Other Events

Volunteering with Sports

  • Coordinators

  • Coach and assistant coach

  • Field Marking

  • Referees

  • Wind-up BBQ

Volunteering to keep Hidden Hut and Outdoor Rink spaces open

  • Maintenance

  • Mowing Lawn (Spring)

  • Sweep Rink (Spring)

  • Flood Rink (Winter)

  • Snow Removal (Winter)

  • Outdoor Rink Repair (Fall)

Volunteering to aid in Fundraising

  • Bottle Drive

  • Rink Board Advertising

  • Bake Sale/Craft Fair

  • Casino

Who Do I Contact to VOLUNTEER?