This past weekend (May 7), the playground equipment at the Hidden Hut was vandalized. The Community Association is awaiting an update on the extent of the damage and the effort it will take to repair or restore the site from the City. Thanks to the swift intervention of neighbours contacting the police, possible further damage – and potential harm to people – was avoided.

The HVCA would like to remind residents that if you see activity in progress that endangers the safety of people or that is resulting in significant property damage, you should call the police at 9-1-1. For non-emergency reports, some types of suspected unlawful activity may be reported to Calgary Police Services through the non-emergency reporting line (403) 266-1234 or online through the Calgary Police Services website. It is important to file a report through Calgary Police for any suspected criminal activity prior to posting to social media sites.

When it comes to video or photographic documentation, residents who capture video or audio of an event in public that could later become part of an investigation should take care not to put themselves or others in potential danger. Importantly, care must be taken to avoid creating a situation where bystanders — potential witnesses or victims — could have their identities exposed publicly and without their consent.