The HVCA Outdoor Youth Baseball Program is a grass roots, community program for youth aged 5 -16. To ensure that everyone who attends the baseball program, in any capacity, at the HVCA has a positive, safe and fun experience, we require that participants in our program review the Sports Program Code of Conduct (below, on this page). To ensure that all participants in our program feel safe, welcome, and respected, any complaints or concerns with the Youth Baseball Program should be raised with HVCA Sports Program Coordinator, or to one of the Executive Members of the Board of Directors.

In addition, the HVCA has introduced an online liability waiver (pdf) as part of the registration process. HVCA Members who register youth in their household will acknowledge their agreement with that waiver and will receive confirmation as part of the payment process.

We hope these changes work to keep our program fun and easy to access and look forward to having you participate in our program.

Come out, learn some skills, and have some fun playing this great game!