Your Community PARK SPACES

Park spaces are all traditional outdoor spaces such as greenways, pathways, playgrounds and dog parks that are used by the public primarily for recreational and
leisure uses.

The Hidden Valley Community Association (HVCA) takes great pride in our community park spaces with 15 playgrounds, 27 park spaces and pathways throughout Hidden Valley and Hanson Ranch.


  • Ensure that community members have equitable access to park spaces and the amenities they value.

  • Ensure all ages and abilities have amenities they value accessible to them regardless of age, ability, culture or gender.

  • Nurture a connected park network in Hidden Valley and Hanson Ranch.

  • Vary the types of park amenities as they are replaced throughout the community while avoiding replication of amenities. (i.e. does every park need a playground with monkey bars or do some need public BBQ and picnic areas?)

  • Guide the redevelopment of park spaces in an economic, ecological and socially sustainable way.


“A sustainable future depends on a solid foundation”

In 2020, the HVCA launched its H2 Spaces Project (Link “Our Community Parks Strategic Document”, a Master Plan built from observations of how our community park spaces were used. This plan acknowledges that needs and desires change over time. Space has been left within the document so that lessons learned from each park space revitalization can be brought to the next project.

Any park replacement within our community will be completed as part of an overall vision of core neighbourhood hubs and destinations connected by formal and informal pathways to neighbourhood nooks.

The resulting network of spaces should create a more dynamic park environment that grows and changes as our residents’ and members’ need change; but within that change, the network preserves the values important to our community.

Current Project – Hidden Hills Way NW

The HVCA is pleased to announce that the first park space to be revitalized as part of the H2 Spaces Project will be on Hidden Hills Way. This park space has been earmarked as the future space for a “Neighbourhood Nook”, a neighbourhood park to read a book in after work or for local kids to come and play.

Revitalizing a park space to meet our community’s needs requires community engagement and fundraising. Most importantly, the H2 Spaces project needs volunteers like you!

A group of neighbourhood volunteers along with the HVCA’s project team has collaborated with the Parks Foundation Calgary to secure KidNation as the playground vendor to shape what this future park space will look like. This Hidden Hills “Nook” is estimated at a cost of $213,000. With only $21,550 raised to-date through fundraising we have a long way to go. If the HVCA project team can achieve our financial goals and with enough volunteers, this space will be revitalized by the fall of 2022.

Current progress:

Fundraising Event

Stay tuned for the H2 Spaces 50/50 raffle draw coming soon!


Make a donation through Parks Foundation Calgary to support the revitalization of the Hidden Hills Way playground. Select Hidden Valley Park – HID527 from the drop-down menu and receive a tax receipt for your contribution!

For more information about our community park spaces, please contact or