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Today when we think of play, we think of adults and senior citizens in addition to children. Providing opportunities to be physically active, enjoy the fresh air and sit shaded while socializing is important for all ages. There is a whole lot of beautiful to see and enjoy along the pathways of Hidden Valley.

Beautifying our Spaces

Community vibrancy is our goal. Our activities and events give neighbours an opportunity to make new connections and strengthen existing ones. It is important to the HVCA that we learn and understand what our members want so we can help to create an extended family within our community and our community organizations.

Increased community involvement

A community is built and maintained by its residents, members, and partners. One person alone cannot see, plan, and do everything required to maintain and grow it sustainably. Working together to understand and act across multiple points of view keeps our neighbourhood healthy and a good place to live.


The Hidden Valley Community Association continues to be a proactive, community-orientated organization promoting pride and wellness within our engaged neighbourhood.


To responsibly provide events, information, programs and support for residents of Hidden valley and Hanson Ranch that progressively enriches the quality of life and community spirit of all residents.


Covering topics important to our members and the profession.

2021-2022 Rink Repairs

December 18th, 2021|

Estimated Damaged Rink Board Replacement Progress (Dec. 18): As of Friday, December 17 the damaged rink boards have been replaced.  Ice surface preparation began earlier [...]

Online History Project

August 2nd, 2021|

Join us  during a year-long exploration of the history of the area around Hidden Valley and Hanson Ranch. To start with an overview [...]

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