Annual General Meeting, 2022

Thank you to all HVCA Members, residents, and guests who attended our AGM!  We almost made it through the entire meeting without rain, but were able to move into the Hidden Hut to conclude this year’s meeting.

Several new Board members will be joining the Board of Directors at our first Board Meeting in August.  Until then, we are operating in a transition mode between the previous Board (below, marked with an asterisk – *) and the new Board.  As we complete the transition, we will update the information on our pages here, and our responses may be a little slower than usual.  Our work is not on hold, however, and your previous and incoming Board of Directors is working through July and August to keep our programs and services running.

The role of the President is to provide direction and leadership to all volunteer Board Directors, ensuring effective governance of processes and practices.
Neill C.*Vice President*
The role of the Vice-President is to assist the President as consultant and advisor, in preparation to serve as President in the future. The Vice-President provides leadership to all committees while serving as chair to one committee.
Vivian M.*Treasurer*
The role of Treasurer is to responsibly maintain all financial records and investments of the community association, ensuring the bills associated with the community are paid in a timely manner.
Karla W.Secretary
The role of the Secretary is to responsibly complete clerical duties associated with the community association, including recording and distributing accurate minutes of Board meetings, maintaining a current filing system and overseeing general Board correspondence.
Barry R.Facilities and IT
The role of Building and Development Director is to be able to hold regular subcommittee meetings to discuss the needs and ways and means to enable the Hidden Valley Community Association to build or re-build a Facility and/or Rink.
Elizabeth W.*Communications*
The role of Communications Director is responsible for the continuous and effective communication with the community association, and outside the community including all Social Media such as but not limited to: Website, Email, Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.
The role of Fundraising Director is to establish and facilitate Fundraising activities and opportunities which can include: Grant application, Sponsorship and Fundraising Alternatives available to the community association.
Jenn C.*Membership*
The role of Memberships Director is to oversee Membership activities which include recruitment of new members, collection of membership fees and maintain a current list of all community association members.
Sarah P.Park Spaces / Playgrounds
The role of Park Spaces Director is to oversee the master planning of revitalizing all of our Park Spaces. Park Spaces director activities include fundraising, community outreach workshop, and direct the master planning of any required park space revitalization.
The role of Volunteers Director is to recruit volunteers who will assist with planning, development, implementation and delivery of various Programs, Events and Newsletter delivery that occur through the community association.
Vacant*Programs and Events*
The role of Programs and Events Director is to liaise with the City of Calgary Recreation department regarding programs offered in our community, as well as organize committees to plan, promote and implement each Special Event offered through the community association.
Adwoa S.Schools Liaison
The role of the Schools Liaison Director is to liaison with the public, separate and private schools, E.C.S., day home and centres with respect to educational matters affecting the community.
The role of Sports Director is to responsibly develop and maintain Sports Programming within the community association.
Aileen G.*Director at Large 1*
The Board is responsible for establishing the association’s vision and direction; ensuring the financial health of the association; directing association operations, and ensuring that the association has sufficient resources. Each Director is responsible for furthering and implementing the direction established by the Board.
Spencer W.Hockey
The role of Hockey Director is to responsibly develop and maintain a Hockey Program within the community association.