Annual General Meeting
Tuesday June 22 2021
Hidden Hut 10504 Hidden Valley Drive NW
1. Meeting Registration 6:15PM (a time for HVCA members to register and get voting card)
2. Call to Order 6:30PM
3. Introduction of Guests, Board of Directors, Membership
4. Review and approve minutes of September 2020 Annual General Meeting
5. Vice President’s Report of the year’s activities –Neill Coad
6. Treasurer’s Report (including a review of the significant initiatives pursued by the Board and performance relative to the budget for the preceding Fiscal Year) and the Audited Financial Statements – Vivian Morgan/Neill Coad
7. Motion to accept Audited Financial Statements
8. Motion for the Board to be given the authority to appoint an Auditor prior to the next AGM
9. Board of Directors Reports – Please review the reports online prior to the meeting, . They will not be presented at the AGM in the interests of time
10. Election of the Directors
• Executive
o President
o Vice President -n/a – going into 2nd year of 2 year term)
o Secretary
o Treasurer
• Board of Directors – Standing Committees
o Programs and Events
o Membership
o Sports
o Building and Development
o Facilities/IT
o Fundraising
o Communications
o Schools Liaison
o Park Spaces
11. Adjournment