Estimated Damaged Rink Board Replacement Progress (Dec. 18): 100%

As of Friday, December 17 the damaged rink boards have been replaced.  Ice surface preparation began earlier in the week, and continues this weekend.

These repairs should get us through the 2021-2022 winter season.  From time to time we may have to make additional repairs to the current rink boards, which may result in us temporarily closing the rink.

When you see workers or volunteer crew are in or around the rink area:

  • the rink surface may be temporarily flooded during the repair phase, but the rink may be locked to prevent access until work is complete,

  • rink status (open/closed) will be posted under the Facilities tab on our website,

  • please keep away from the repair activity and off the surface while repairs are in progress

Due to the nature of the damage, all of the rink boards will need to be replaced ahead of the normal rink lifecycle.  The Board of Directors for the Hidden Valley Community Association has created a project for 2022 to make this happen before the 2022-2023 winter sports season.  Because the HVCA is not itself a registered charitable organization, we are working with Parks Foundation Calgary to handle donations to a project account. If you can donate to the project,   please visit the Parks Foundation Calgary website, and click “Make a Donation…Sport Projects” to direct your donation to the “Hidden Valley Rink”.

You can also go directly to the Parks Foundation Calgary Donation Form.

Now that the most-damaged boards have been replaced, we can commence with this year’s ice availability. For information about current rink status, please follow this link to our Facilities page.

The Rink Board Replacement should occur in early 2022.