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Spring Sport FAQs

Q. We missed the deadline for the late registration. Is there any way that we can still register?

Q. We do not live in Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch, can my child register in HVCA programs?

Q. How do you determine what the cut-off is for the age categories?

Q. My child is a little young for U4, can he/she play?

Q. When I try adding another participant during registration it does not seem to work?

Q. I have never coached before however, I am interested in volunteering for a coaching position. Can I be considered for one of these positions despite my lack of experience?

Q. My child would like to be on the same team as last year. Is that possible?

Q. Once the season is underway, who should we contact regarding weather cancellations?

Q. After registering, do I need anything else to prepare for the season?

Q. What is the U8 Minifest?

Q. Do we play soccer on Victoria Day?

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