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Saturday June 17  10:00-1:00  

General Information 

Can you believe this is Hidden Valley's 7th time hosting the Run the Loop fundraiser? What's haven't made it to one yet? Well then this is your year! Come out and support your community by  WALKING, RUNNING or STROLLING your way around the main drive of Hidden Valley.

The distance is approximately 5 kilometers around Hidden Valley Drive. This year we are encouraging participants to not only walk, jog or run, but stroll. So feel free to ride your bikes, scooters, skateboards or strollers. Don't forget about your four-legged furry friend, they are welcome too!

We are trying something new this year, we are incorporating a Run-a-thon. Pledge sheets are available here.  Monies collected from the pledges will go towards HVCA sports programs and the equipment and operational costs to run them.  Equipment such as balls, nets, pylons, and jerseys, plus porta-potties, and lighting the outdoor rink are just a few places the money goes towards. We need your help in maintaining this awesome community that we live in.

If you decide not to collect pledges, that's fine, you can still participate as long as you have an HVCA community membership. We will have community memberships available at race headquarters a.k.a. The Hidden Hut 10504 Hidden Valley Dr NW. We will also be accepting donations!

This is a great team event to participate in as the Spring Sports Wind up BBQ is the same day (11-1)! Come and run the loop then head on over to the BBQ to refuel. Why not wear your team jersey and participate as a team?  Families this is an awesome event for you too, even the dog and baby can participate and maybe even win a prize!

We will have various prizes that will be surprises for:

  • -person collecting the highest number of pledges

  • -first dog to cross the finish line

  • -youngest member to cross the finish line

  • -first family to cross the finish line

  • -fastest Man on legs (over 18)

  • -fastest Woman on legs(over 18)

  • -fastest girl or boy on legs(under 10)

  • -fastest girl or boy teen/tween on legs (11-17)

  • -team to collect the highest amount of pledges

  • -fastest man or woman on wheels (over 18)

  • -fastest girl or boy on wheels (under 10)

  • -fastest girl or boy teen/tween on wheels (11-17 yrs)

 If you have any questions, would like to donate any prizes or even be a sponsor for the RUN-A-THON event please e-mail Michelle at events(at)hiddenhut(dot)org

Winners will be announced at the event, and then on the website after the day.

Photos from this year's event - 

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