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 Community Garage Sale

An opportune time to get rid of those items you once considered "treasures". 

This year's Hidden Valley Garage sale will be on June 10 from 9am-12pm. You don't need register if you will be selling something but you are responsible for putting your  own signage out to direct shoppers to your home.

Simply start gathering up items you want to sell and on June 10th set up your shop in your front yard or garage, settle in to your lawn chair with a cup of coffee in your hand and make a few bucks while you get to know your neighbours and others in your community as people walk by. 

I'm sure you will want to make your way around to other homes to do some shopping as well. You might also be surprised to find some young entrepreneur's making a few dollars selling cotton candy, used gold balls or quenching your thirst with homemade lemonade. 

Your community association will advertise our Hidden Valley/Hanson Ranch ‘Community Wide Garage Sale’ in both the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald newspapers to attract Saturday morning garage sale shoppers.  

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