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H2 Spaces: Our Community Parks Master Plan

Revitalizing Hidden Valley

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For several years now, I have walked by the playground down the street from my house and grimaced at the thought of taking my three kids there as it is in desperate need of revival. It wasn’t until I read October’s newsletter issue about the playground rebuild in Hidden Close/Hidden Way that I became determined to try and get our neighbourhood playground re-built.

After contacting the Hidden Valley/Hanson Ranch Community Association (HVCA) and The City, I realized that there is a much greater issue with our playgrounds. Our community has 16 playgrounds in total. The average age of these playgrounds are 18 years old. The majority of these playgrounds have been given a “level 3” City assessment which means that different parts of each of these playgrounds either need repairs, updates, replacements or removals. The average cost of building a playground starts at $160,000. Neither the City nor can HVCA bare the cost of updating all of these playgrounds in the near future.

Our Community Association has proposed a solution. To put together a “Playground Master Plan” that can provide both the HVCA and the City with a better understanding of what our community needs and wants for our neighbourhood playgrounds. By discovering what currently exists in each of these spaces as well as the current and future demographics around each of them we can put together a list of priorities. This is not a small undertaking and the HVCA is going to need a lot of help from its members in order to determine what exactly our community wants to see for each of these spaces. Not every playground needs to be a parent and tot lot. As our kids grow, we as a community need to decide how we can continue to encourage them to be healthy and active and to utilize the outdoor spaces provided to them nearby.

Our playgrounds need your help! The HVCA hosts many events throughout the year. Come and join us at these events and let us know what your thoughts are about our playgrounds. If you can’t make it out to an event then there will be further opportunities to provide us with your feedback through some future workshops as well as surveys to answer on our Facebook page.

The HVCA welcomes all its members who wish to volunteer so if revitalizing our playgrounds is something that is near and dear to your heart please contact

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