Proudly serving Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch

10504 Hidden Valley Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta T3A 4Z2 

Executive Directors Email (just add "")
President Jennifer Jensen president
1st Vice-President  Susan MacDonald vp1
2nd Vice-President Kaila Burke vp2
Secretary Karla Williamson secretary
Treasurer  Brian Pearson treasurer
Board of Directors
Programs and Events Brad Morris events
Membership Laura Mrochuk membership
Communications & Newsletter Agatha Smykot communications, newsletter
Building and Development Barry Redman  bnd
Sports VACANT sports
Rink and Facility  Ken Conrad rink
School Liaison Jennie Morris schools
Fundraising Emery Pritchard fundraising
Civic Affairs Dwight Boehm civicaffairs
Director at Large - Casino Sandy Coad casino
Events Brad Morris events
Standing Committee
Website Karla Williamson website
Volunteers Christine Graveline volunteers
Hockey Spencer Williams hockey
Social Media Jennifer Mah socialmedia


Hidden Valley Community Association
10504 Hidden Valley Dr NW Calgary, AB T3A 4Z2

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