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HVCA History

The first house in Hidden Valley was built in 1991. In May 1994, the beginnings of the Hidden Valley Community Association were being formed as a small group of individuals formed a Steering Committee who were elected ‘at large’ to work on issues as presented and others as they arose. This group represented concerns and addressed community issues. The Hidden Valley Community Association was established in 1995. The Board completed the Community Facility Enhancement Program Grant application, which saw the development of baseball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis courts, play structures, and an ice skating rink. The first Visioning Workshop held in March of 1995 developed this vision: “HVCA will be a responsible, safe, clean, caring Community, which meets the needs of residents through a variety of programs, services, and facilities, which promote wholesome values and pride in ownership.”

Initial goals for the HVCA included: Increase volunteer base and membership (300 families). Distribute Community Newsletter on bi-monthly basis (750 homes). Increase Fundraising to include two Bottle drives, one Garage sale and a Block Watch fundraiser. Expand Local Business sponsorship and complete the CFEP Grant and Lottery Commission for Casinos.

Currently, Hidden Valley has grown to approximately 3900 homes including estate homes in Hanson Ranch.

Hidden Valley Community Association's Strategic Plan is the source of our guiding principles, including our Vision, Mission and Values.

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