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Traffic & Road Safety Concerns

Would you like to get your children to school and yourself to work on time every week day?

Hidden Valley Schools and Hidden Valley Residents are very much concerned with volume of vehicles and student safety. Excessive traffic by private vehicles and school buses during drop-off and pick-up off students at three schools on Hidden Valley Drive is occuring because of limited access. Traffic is congested also for local residents since many parents and school buses who make u-turns on Hidden Valley Drive or use alley ways not designed for through traffic. In part this problem is caused by having no right turn from Hidden Valley Drive onto Shaganappi Trail northbound.

Furthermore an increase in traffic through Hanson Ranch is caused by southbound traffic from Panorama. Access onto Stoney Trail is only possible in a northbound direction but not southbound. Traffic therefore uses residential roads through Panorama into Hanson Ranch which further increases the danger for school children to reach their Schools on Hidden Valley Drive.

Hidden Valley Community Association has had several meetings with local MLA's and Ward Councillors advocating for a solution to this problem that will not go away.

Please contact our local MLAs and representatives to share your experiences:

Hidden Valley is represented by MLA Prasad Panda:
Calgary - Foothills (

Hanson Ranch is represented by MLA Jamie Kleinsteuber:
Calgary - Northern Hills (

Both Hidden Valley and Hanson Ranch are represented by:
Ward 3 (Jyoti Gondek)

If you would like to sign a petition of support to find a solution, please contact

A summary of Traffic Safety Concerns can be downloaded here.

If you would like to contact the City of Calgary regarding Traffice Service Requests, please visit The Calgary Police Traffic Service Requests website.

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