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City of Calgary Announcement - New Traffic Signal: Planned for Installation of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at Hidden Creek Boulevard and Hidden Creek Heights/Hidden Creek NW in 2015.

Snow Removal

Changes to the Snow Route Parking ban network in Ward 4

 Roads evaluates the Snow Route parking ban program every year to identify areas for improvement and build best practices. This 2014-2015 winter season, changes are being made to Snow Routes to better balance the need for on-street parking options and better align with Calgary Transits’ bus routes.

 Here is a map illustrating the changes to Snow Routes in Ward 4; please note that some segments have been removed and some have been added. If a snow route is removed from the parking ban network, it will still receive snow and ice control however it will be no longer benefit from curb-to-curb snow removal that is possible when a parking ban is called.

 New snow Routes will be marked by blue and white snowflake signs. Work is currently underway to remove signage from snow routes that are being discontinued.

 Affected residents will be notified of the changes by mailed letters and has been updated with details and maps. The easiest way for residents to find this information is to visit and search Snow Route parking bans.   

 Calgary Parking Authority is responsible for enforcing the Snow Route parking ban. Their website is


Bylaws regarding parking vehicles within Residential Areas

HVCA works with The City of Calgary - Animal and Bylaw Services to address concerns within our community.

We would like to thank residents of Hidden Valley/Hanson Ranch for being part of the solution!

When recreational vehicles (campers, boats and trailers) are stored properly, more personal vehicles can park on homeowners driveways. 

Parking as many vehicles as possible on each driveway not only frees up parking spaces on roads for visiting family and friends, but also helps with garbage/recycle pick up and snow removal.

LAND USE BY-LAW 1P2007  “private property”  



 1) A RECREATIONAL VEHICLE must not remain in an ACTUAL FRONT SETBACK AREA for longer than 24 hours

 2) A trailer that may be used or is intended to be used for the transport of anything, including but not limited to, construction materials, household goods, livestock, off road vehicles, and waste must not remain in AN ACTUAL FRONT SETBACK AREA except while actively engaged in loading or unloading

 4) A LARGE VEHICLE must not remain on a PARCEL except while actively engaged in loading or unloading. Only one LARGE VEHICLE may remain on a PARCEL while actively engaged in loading or unloading

 - Complaints are to be submitted to 311. A valid address is to be provided of where the offence is occurring and the complainants name, address and phone number is required. Once the complaint is received, a “Warning Notice” is issued to the property owners outlining the offence and directing the property owner(s) to comply with the Land Use Bylaw

 - The complainant is required to contact 311 after 14 days to advise if the offence is still occurring. Thereafter, an Officer will contact the complainant and an investigation will be opened  

The Land Use By-law addresses offences on private property.

 If the recreational vehicle, trailer or large vehicle is on City of Calgary property, the complainant is required to contact “Calgary Parking Authority (403-537-7100)” to submit a complaint for follow-up.

New Traffic Signal
Planned for Installation of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at Hidden Creek Boulevard and Hidden Creek Heights/Hidden Creek NW in 2015.



Neigbhourhood Partnership Coordinator Amanda Turvey
Community Social Worker Marcia Dupuis
Nose Creek Sports & Rec Ben Banks 
Community Liaison Resource - CPS Tom Page and Brian Tutt
Ward 3 Councillor Jim Stevenson 
Ward 4 Councillor Sean Chu 
MLA Calgary - Northern Hills Jamie Kleinsteuber 
MLA Calgary - Foothills TBD
MP Diane Ablonczy 
Catholic School Trustee Margaret Belcourt 
Public School Trustee Lynn Ferguson
Catholic School Trustee Margaret Belcourt
Airport Authority Noise Committee
YYC Noise Concern Hotline   403-735-1408


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