Welcome to Hidden Valley & Hanson Ranch!


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  • Membership fees are now due! - apply and pay online. Only $30 for the year. Why buy a membership?
    • Support from the Hidden Valley Community Association through its liaison with City of Calgary representatives (Political Action)

    • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (Regular Membership)

    • Community Newsletter (Delivered through Canada Post)

    • Community Activities (see Calendar of Activities)

    • Sport Programs (Organized Teams, Field Rentals and Equipment)

    • Hidden Hut and Outdoor Rink (Maintenance and Repair)

    • Operating Costs (including Utilities, Inspections and Insurance)

    • Plus many upcoming projects as needed in our neighbourhood!

  • Guess what? Hidden Valley Community Association (HVCA) has a Facebook Page! It's an awesome tool to keep in touch with your fellow neighbours and community members! HVCA is on Facebook spread the word!   HVCA is also on Twitter - our handle is @HVCAhiddenhut

Why do we love living in Hidden Valley / Hanson Ranch?

  • Three schools within our community
  • Quick commute to work
  • Friendly neighbours
  • Wonderful neighbourhood
  • Having an outdoor rink
  • Many parks and pathways

Hidden Valley Community Association
10504 Hidden Valley Dr NW Calgary, AB T3A 4Z2

Email: info@hiddenhut.org or visit our Contact Page